Risk Register

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Template for Risk Register

  • Comprehensive Risk Register Template: Streamline risk management for your organisation or department.
  • Aligned with Industry Guidelines: Developed by risk and safety management specialists.
  • Editable in Microsoft Excel: Customise the template to suit your business needs.
  • Includes and implementation guide.
  • Includes Risk Matrix: Assess consequences, likelihood, rating, and treatment.
  • Document available for download upon purchase.
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Risk Register Template

Our Risk Register template is the ultimate solution to efficiently manage risks within your organisation. Whether you’re a business or organisation, this comprehensive template helps you to establish a robust risk register effortlessly.

Developed by experts in risk and safety management, this template ensures that your risk management aligns with industry best practices.

Customisable and Editable: The risk register template comes in a Microsoft Excel format, allowing you to tailor it according to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that you can capture and analyse risks in a way that suits your organization’s unique circumstances.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment: Efficiently categorise and evaluate risks with the included risk matrix. This assessment criteria helps you determine the consequences, likelihood, ratings, and necessary treatments for each identified risk scenario.

Streamlined Audit & Assurance: The template also incorporates an audit and assurance planner, helping you organise and document audit activities for better risk mitigation.

Virtual Support and Partner in Risk: Simplify Systems stands as your virtual partner in risk, safety, and compliance. With modifiable templates and tools, you can save valuable time and resources while ensuring your risk management processes are top-notch.

Take charge of your risk management today with the Simplify Systems. Downloadable upon purchase, this template equips you with the tools you need to enhance your risk management strategies and foster a safer, more secure environment.

The structure of the document includes:

  • Organisation information (to be inserted) and hyperlink access to each of the tabs / sections of the template.
  • General instructions for using and implementing the risk profile.
  • Risk profile / assessment template to capture risk information.
  • Risk assessment criteria to assess consequence, likelihood, rating and treatment.
  • Audit and assurance template to capture audit or assurance activities identified in the template.

Perfect For:

Businesses, Organisations, Risk Managers, Safety Coordinators, Compliance Officers, Project Managers, Operational Teams.

Intended Use: Effectively manage risks, categorise scenarios, evaluate consequences, and implement control measures to ensure a secure and compliant operational environment.

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