Simplify Systems, helping businesses address risk, safety and compliance

November 13, 2021
2 minutes to read
by Ryan Kellen
Simplify Systems, helping businesses address risk, safety and compliance

Simplify Systems was founded by two likeminded risk specialists and friends, Ryan Kellen and Amy Hill, who came together to fill a gap that many businesses experience when initially developing systems and processes to address risk, safety and compliance requirements.

The notion was simple…

Make it easier, more efficient and cost effective for businesses to establish their risk, safety and compliance systems by:

  • Removing the need to develop systems and documentation from scratch
  • Freeing up significant time that is typically spent on development to focus on implementation
  • Reducing costs associated with resourcing, contractors or consultants
  • Providing simple, ready to use and affordable risk, safety and compliance systems
  • Giving businesses peace of mind that all systems and documentation are developed by risk specialists

With expertise in risk management, health and safety, crisis management, business continuity and property risk coupled with a track record for simplifying the complex, Ryan and Amy were able to draw on these experiences to bring you Simplify Systems.

Simplify Systems is an online store where businesses can purchase ready to use, modifiable and cost effective risk, safety and compliance management systems, policies, standards, templates and tools.

The store is designed to suit a variety of business needs which includes:

  • Direct purchase of individual products for ad-hoc business needs
  • Basic subscription for casual business needs such as small to medium size businesses
  • Premium subscription for high use business needs such as brokers, consultants and multi-locations

New products are regularly being developed and added to the store and specific requests can be made via the contact page. To learn more about Simplify Systems, please visit or email

Ryan Kellen
Ryan Kellen, with over 15 years of experience in risk, safety, and operations across diverse industries, is a recognized specialist in risk management, systems, people risk, public safety, and health and safety. He has held key positions, including Head of Risk & Safety for Formula 1 and Motorcycle Grand Prix events, making him adept at developing and implementing vital strategies and systems for sustainable outcomes. Ryan holds formal qualifications in risk management, occupational health and safety, emergency and disaster management, international relations, change management, building and construction, and training and assessment. Connect on LinkedIn

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