November 13, 2021
A handshake deal, a pinkie promise, a policy. They’re all just commitments to things we care about, right?
Author: Amy Hill

In life we make commitments in many ways, we sign contracts, we write policy, we shake hands (or tap elbows), we write vows, and if you’re a youngster making deals, we even enact the all-powerful-pinkie-promise.

Whilst the method might change, the spirit of the agreement remains the same, doesn’t it?

I am committing, to do what I say I will do. I’m giving you my word. And I will follow through with action. Injury Management Policy

In workplaces, that ‘word’, is captured in policy. In policy, we state our promise to our people.

But amidst the rush, the complexity, the risk, the constant challenges and changes, we can forget the nice simplicity of that.

We labour over accuracy, over currency, over compliance, over auditability, over not missing a detail. Over Every. Last. Letter. And we should, right? We owe it to ourselves, to our people, who are our greatest asset, to do it right.

Now we’re not saying for a moment that we shouldn’t pay attention to those fundamentals, we’re simply saying that should always remember the spirit of why we make these commitments in writing to our people. Why we have them, why we write them, and why we care in the first place.

In signing up to work in our organisations, our employees, our people, they make a commitment to us. They sign the contract, accept the terms and get to work on our behalf. They commit. And we owe them a commitment in return. We commit that through their work, in pursuit of our goals, we will take care of them, hold concern for their safety, their health, their wellbeing, their environment. For they are our greatest asset. And if policy weren’t required as a rule, it would be the right thing to do regardless.


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